Baki M. Cetegen, Ph.D.
United Technologies Chair Professor
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Matthew Boguszewski
M.S. Student
Engineering Building II, Rm. 108E
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Anish Desai
M.S. Student
Engineering Building II, Rm. 108E
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Sean Carichner
M.S. Student
Engineering Building II, Rm. 108E
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James Dayton
Ph.D. Student
Engineering Building II, Rm. 108E
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Doctor of Philosophy
  • James Dayton
  • Bikram Roy Chowdhury, "Experimental Investigation on the Effects of Free Stream Turbulence and Fuel Type on Structure and Blowoff Characteristics of Turbulent Premixed Bluff-body Stabilized Flames", Graduation Date: August 2017, Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, SANDIA Combustion Research Facility, Livermore, CA
  • Jason A. Wagner, "Experimental Studies on Flow Field and Flame Stabilization of a Premixed Flame Reacting Jet in Vitiated Crossflow", Graduation Date: May 2016, Current Position: Research Engineer, Physical Sciences Inc., Andover MA
  • Craig Nordeen, “Investigations of continuous rotating detonations for propulsion applications”, Graduation Date: May 2014
  • Swetaprovo Chaudhuri, “Stability and Flame Dynamics of bluff-body stabilized premixed flames with upstream flow excitation and mixture gradients”, Graduation Date: August 2010, Current Position: Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
  • Gregory Quinn, “Heat Transfer in a Liquid Film Flowing over a Rotating Disk and a Diverging Open Channel with and without Boiling and Surfactant Addition”, Graduation Date: 2009, Current Position: Senior Engineer, Sea and Space Systems Division, UTC Hamilton-Sundstrand, Windsor Locks, CT
  • Saptarshi Basu, “Modeling and Optical Diagnostics of Reacting and Non-reacting Single and Multiphase Flows”, Graduation Date: 2007, Current Position: Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
  • Alper Ozturk, “Diagnostics and Modeling of Yttria-stabilized Zirconia Formation in Solution Precursor Plasma Spray Process”, Graduation Date: 2005, Current Position: Engineering Group Manager, Corning Corporate Research and Development Center, Corning, NY
  • Sergey Y. Semenov, “Experimental Diagnostics and Modeling of Thermal Spray Deposition Processes of Nano-structured Wear resistant and Thermal barrier Coatings”, Graduation Date: 2002, Current Position: Senior Research Engineer, Thermacor Corporation, Lancaster, PA
  • Weiduo Yu, "Optical Diagnostics of Thermal Spray Processes using Nano-agglomerates", Graduation Date: 1999, Senior Engineer, Pratt and Whitney, East Hartford
  • Mohamed Tageldin, "Dispersion and Evaporation of Droplets in a Two-dimensional, Differentially-heated, Turbulent Mixing Layer", Graduation Date: 1996, Last known position: Assoc. Prof. University of Cairo, Egypt
  • Tarek Ahmed, "Experimental Studies on the Instability of Buoyant Plumes and Pool Fires", Graduation date: 1995 Last known position: Engineer in Saudi Arabia
Master of Science (Past):
  • Andrew Pace,
  • Nicholas Erskine,
  • Kevin Snyder, "Impact of Effusion Hole Exit Geometry on the Cooling Performance of TBC Coated Surfaces in a High Temperature Combustion Environment", Graduation Date: 2022
  • Stephen Price, "Experimental Characterization of Turbulent Lean Premixed Bluff Body Stabilized V Flames with Multiple Laser Diagnostics", Graduation Date: 2022
  • Gregory Grasso, "Experimental Characterization of Heat Transfer in Effusion Cooled Combustor Panels Exposed to a High Temperature Flow of Combustion Products", Graduation Date: 2021
  • Benjamin Poettgen, "Experimental Methods of Studying Mixing and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Effusion Jets in a Vitiated Crossflow", Graduation Date: May 2020
  • Rishi Roy, "Experimental Investigation of the Dynamics and Blowoff Characteristics of Bluff-body Stabilized 2D, V-Shaped Turbulent Premixed Flames with Different Gaseous Hydrocarbon Fuels", Graduation Date: December 2018
  • Kyle Linevitch Jr., "Near Field Mixing Characteristics of a Variable Density Non-Reaction Jet in a Hot Vitiated Crossflow", Graduation Date: May 2018
  • George Lapaan, “Study of reacting jets in unvitiated and vitiated cross flow”, Graduation Date: October 2014
  • Sayan Biswas, “Phase-resolved characterization of conical turbulent premixed flames: An investigation of forced blowoff dynamics”, Graduation Date: June 2012
  • Trevor Jensen, “Stability and blowoff dynamics of bluff-body stabilized flames”, Co-advised with Prof. M. Renfro, Graduation Date: July 2011
  • Arnab Roy, “High sensitivity gas species measurements by tunable diode laser spectroscopy", Graduation Date: July 2010
  • Kaushik Saha, “Microwave plasma deposition of ceramics from liquid precursors”, Graduation Date: July 2009
  • Ritobrata Sur, “Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy measurements of water vapor and carbon dioxide in fuel cell systems”, Graduation Date: July 2009
  • Matthew W. Andel, “Stability of Conical Bluff-body Stabilized Premixed Flames with Upstream Mixture Gradients”, Graduation Date 2008
  • Saptarshi Basu, “In-situ Optical Diagnostics in a PEM Fuel Cell using Near IR Absorption Spectroscopy”, Graduation Date: 2004
  • Andres Chaparro, “Blow-off Characteristics of Conical Premixed Flames Subjected to Upstream Velocity Modulations”, Graduation Date: 2004
  • Alper Ata, “Effects of D.C. Electric Fields and Acoustic Excitation on the Lean Limit Stability of Bluff-body Stabilized Conical Turbulent Premixed Flames”, Graduation Date: 2003
  • Basar Ozar, “Experiments on Hydrodynamic and Thermal Behavior of Thin Liquid Films Flowing over a Rotating Disk”, Graduation Date: 2002
  • Shibley Noman, “Emission Spectroscopy of Premixed Flames and High Temperature Arc Discharges”, Graduation Date: 2002
  • Yan Dong, “Experimental and Numerical Study of the Unsteady Behavior of Planar Buoyant Plumes and Axisymmetric Diffusion Flames”, Graduation Date: 1999
  • Kent D. Kasper, "Phase-resolved Velocity Field Measurements in Pulsating Buoyant Plumes and Pool Fires", Graduation Date: 1995
  • Bradley C. Dick, "An Experimental study of the Effects of Methyl-Tertiary-Butyl Ether (MTBE) on Internal Combustion Engine Emissions", Graduation Date: 1994
  • Daniel Allesandri, "Mixing Enhancement in Jets and Isolated Vortices by Shock Waves", Graduation Date: 1993
  • Nazri Mohamad, "An Experimental Study of Mixing and Chemical Reaction in a Vortex", Graduation Date: 1991