About The Combustion & Gas Dynamics Laboratory

We are dedicated to studying complex engineering problems involving combustion, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer utilizing state-of-the-art experimental diagnostic techniques, analytical and numerical analysis. The topics that we have researched include:


  • lean limit behavior and blowoff characteristics in bluff body stabilized flames
  • stability and ignition characteristics of reacting jets in high temperature cross flow
  • heat transfer in GT combustors
  • application of novel optical diagnostic techniques for non-reacting and reacting flows (PLIF, PLRS, TDLAS, PIV, LDV, PDPA)
  • dynamics of buoyant plumes and flames
  • vortex-flame interactions
  • analysis and experiments on mixing and reactions in vortical flows
  • analysis of and measurements in thermal spray processes
  • analysis of thermodynamics of rotating detonation engine processes

Combustion and Gas Dynamics Lab

Room 108E, Engineering II
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Connecticut
Phone: 860-486-3883