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  • Experimental Studies of Reacting Jets in Cross Flow

Experimental Studies of Reacting Jets in Cross Flow

Sponsor: United Technologies Corporation
Graduate Students:  James Dayton (PhD candidate), Kyle Linevitch, Jr. (M.S. candidate)
Undergraduate Student Researcher: Kaitlin Dennison

Project Summary

This project aims to study the ignition, flame stabilization and flame structure around a premixed jet injected into a hot combusted gas stream. Using laser diagnostics features of the instantaneous flame flowfield interactions are determined and quantified. The laser diagnostics include high speed particle image velocimetry (PIV), combined planar laser induced fluorescence of OH and CH2O and PIV. Results are obtained for a range of jet mixture equivalence ratio, jet diameter sizes and different degrees of jet confinement. Figures below show the diagnostics and some sample results.

set-up-schematic picture-of-setup